Wellness Activities Available on Site

You can book any number of wellness treatments for your trip. Booking in advance
also ensures availability of your preferred times and days - since there are many of
you in a group it’s good to get on this early.

● Infrared sauna treatments
● Massage – Thai, deep tissue, shiatsu, or aromatherapy - we do open air
massages but private room massages may be available on request
● Reiki
● Acupuncture
● Cranial sacral therapy

Tours and Activities available from the Site

One of the best parts of your trip is including some fun activities that speak to you
and what you want to experience in Costa Rica. Additionally, tours are something
that many groups love to do together and include everyone. Tours are booked
through the lodge and can be booked in advance or when you arrive on site.
● Beaches

● Paddle Board Yoga
● Snorkeling
● Surfing lessons
● Medicine man tour with native shaman
● Chocolate tour
● Waterfalls hike
● Sloth Sanctuary 
● Jaguar rescue center
● Jungle hike
● Learn how to Cook the local favorites
● And much more!!

What are the essentials to bring on my trip?
Be sure to plan for both the heat and rain. Sneakers and flip flops. The jungle loves
to ruin leather so plastic footwear is better! Long pants for excursions, a coat or
sweater for those cooler evenings. A bathing suit, yoga apparel, umbrella, flash light
your own personal hygiene and care products and that is really all you need.
Bring your own personal Yoga mat for your practice. It will make you feel
comfortable and at home even while being in the jungle!! But if you can’t fit it no
worries as we do have some on

Getting There and Around

The nicely paved highway passes through mountains covered in thick greenery. Once you reach the port city of Limon, the road follows the coast south, passing many banana plantations. Though the drive is beautiful, it does involve crossing a mountain range on a curvy road that is frequented by tractor trailers. If you’re nervous to drive, consider taking a shuttle or the public bus.

Once you arrive, you have a few options for getting around. One of the most popular is to rent a bicycle. The road that runs between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo is often a bike superhighway, with more bicycles than cars. There’s also a public bus that runs regularly between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. They will come to the lodge and take you anywhere you want to go.