Group Personal Training

Mini Group Personal Training


Group trainings consist of four to six students This is similar to one on one personal training but at a fraction of the cost.  Students are required to have at least 3 personal training sessions in order to learn the equipment and learn how to modify and progress based on your level of fitness. Training with a group promotes consistency in your practice. A comradery forms between the students that inspires each other to push harder. This is a fun and affordable solution to personal training.

You and your friends can begin your own group


If you have four friends, co-workers or family members. that would like to personal train together, you can begin your own mini group. Your preferred days and times can fit into your schedule better.

Contact Wendy Fit or more information and availability.

​Schedule your mini group personal training sessions with
4 to 6 other people and pay only $200 for 8 weeks.    (One session per week)
Once you commit to a specific group you can drop in to other groups for $25.
Refer to the current schedule for Group personal training days and availabilities.


If you are not part of a group you can drop in for $35 if there is availability in that group.
If you are new to the equipment you will want to sign up for Three - 45 minute Beginner Reformer Equipment Training for only $125
Beginner groups are always forming on different days and times. Contact the front desk for the next Beginner group training.


Personal Training *Duets & Trio's - 60 minutes

​A personalized session with a certified personal trainer helps you maximize your workout, define new goals or stay on track with your current program. Each session is tailored to your current fitness level. Your session will focus on the basics of strength training, flexibility and overall toning. Depending on your goals, the trainer will incorporate balance work, core training with the use of the Pilates Apparatus,weights and functional training equipment.


One on One/Private Training's are $75 an hour

Duets are $55 an hour per person

Trio is $45 an hour per person

When buying a package of 10 sessions there is a significant discount on all three packages.

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Current Group Training Classes on the Pilates Apparatus are:

Monday      9:30 am

Tuesday      6:00 pm  & 7:00 pm

Wednesday  8:15 am

Thursday     9:00 am  & 5:30 pm  

Friday        10:00 am

Saturday    10:30 am

Sunday       9:30 am