Wendy Santiago

Yoga, Pilates Aerial and

Personal Trainer

Wendy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida College , majoring in Dance. She is a certified Pilates instructor in STOTT, PEAK  Physical Mind and Polstar. 

Wendy is the owner of Wendy Fit Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training Studio in Dunedin Florida. Wendy Fit Yoga  is a certified 200 hour Teacher Training School since 2001. Wendy is  a  1000-RYT yoga instructor. She fell in love with the practice of yoga in the early 80’s and became a certified Yoga instructor. Her passion for health and wellness took her quickly to Clinical Rehab work. The demand for Yoga as a tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation inspired her to continue her education in Iyengar methods for proper alignment.  Wendy began working with Special Needs clients to assist in rehabilitating from injuries and surgery. Becoming a certified Pilates Instructor and using the apparatus to assist in rehabilitating and/or preventing clients from injury was the perfect combination to take her to the next level in the industry. She has presented at a number of Health and Fitness Expo's and National Yoga Conventions over the past 20 years. In 2000 Time Warner Network, which later became Bright House, began airing Wendy’s show “Yoga for the Healthy Mind and Body” which ran until 2017.

Sara Terrell

Yoga Pilates and Aerial Instructor

Sara has been a fitness professional since 1987. She has always had an infinite passion and love for dance and sharing her knowledge with others, and it has carried over into the fitness industry when she started working for Archie Manning Gold’s Gym. She has work with NFL players and has appeared on national TV in a VH1 series in 2006. Sara enjoys inspiring all fitness levels to have fun and achieve their fitness goals! No two classes are ever the same, as she challenges students with variety and by constantly changing the dynamics of class. Sara's style of teaching is influenced by traditions learned from growing up in Louisiana making her classes like gumbo, a mixture of many different techniques. She infuses every class with lagniappe - "A little something extra!"

Sara has studied and trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical dance. She has been trained and certified in areas of yoga such as power, hatha, pre-natal, post-natal, and senior. She also has certification in Pilates through the Pilates Institute of America (PIA). She also works as a professional healthcare provider.

Julie Incremona

Yoga and Aerial Instructor

Julie Incremona discovered and fell in love with yoga over 15 years ago and was immediately drawn to the benefits of both the physical and mental aspect of the practice.   She continued with her passion and completed the 200 Hr. Yoga Alliance certification in October 2016.  Julie's main objective is to help people on their journey by teaching a gentle style that will strengthen the mind and body to cultivate a sense of peace, balance and mindfulness that students can carry with them on and off the mat.

Cindy Cottell

Aerial & Yoga Instructor

Cindy began her yoga journey when she shared her Mother’s practice following Lillias Folen on the local TV station. She created her own routine using books she purchased on the subject.

Eventually life took over and her yoga became a “lost” art. Cindy needed something to quiet busy mind and move her still body. She found her way back to yoga and began to realize her strengths and struggles. In 2016, she received her 200 Hour RYT Yoga Instructor Certification through Wendy Fit. Later in 2018, she acquired her certification in aerial yoga.

Valentina Leon
 Yoga  Instructor 

YOGA started as a passionate hobby and became Valentina's Dharma since her accomplishment of 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. She has successfully completed Level One Journey into Power Training in June 2019 at the Baptiste Institute. 

Yoga is a Growing and Learning experience, where the body finds new paths and opens up to a new perspective of Life.

Valentina's teaching skills are either for Power Yoga or Yin Restorative Yoga, where strength and ease are differently balanced and reached.

Valentina's motto is "Only in the Darkness, you can see the stars".

Tara Sheldon 

YYoga Teacher

As a nurse I know how much our minds influence our health. It is there that yoga can make such a difference.

My first yoga class, I will have to admit, I felt a little intimidated. Then my teacher talked about finding a focus (that wonderful Sanskrit word "drishti") and going within. At that point the world disappeared and with it, judgment and comparison. We all start where we are. There is no other place to start. When I realized that, I started to love yoga. I teach yoga in gratitude for the many gifts it has given me and I strongly believe those gifts are available to all who show up. Showing up on the mat is 99% of it. Namaste. Tara is a 200 hour RYT from Wendy Fit Academy. 

Liseli Harloff
Aerial and Yoga  Instructor 

I began my yoga journey at Wendy Fit after years of running left me with several painful herniations in my lower back. Once I started taking yoga and aerial classes  I realized that my pain levels were much improved. It was at that moment that I decided to join Wendy at her 200 hour teacher training so that I could help others the way she has helped me.  It is with great pleasure that I teach aerial yoga weekly to empower others to get stronger physically and mentally.  

Gene Chandler

TRX Instructor and Personal Trainer

Gene has always been a health enthusiast.  There were early years of military requirements then later spending hours training members at gyms such as Family Fitness Powerhouse Gym. Gene also studied human physiology, then became certified as a personal trainer. I enjoy encouraging others to participate in a healthy lifestyle.  He assists his clients to improve  weight loss, strength, endurance or general health and fitness.
Training incorporates various methods including but not limited to circuit training, HIT, Core
conditioning, Plyometric. It is also tailored to suit each individual’s goals and within their personal limitation


Certified personal trainer through the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). Four year martial arts student in Wing Chun Kung Fu under Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift-Ip Man lineage.

Cross Core, Functional and TRX Training specialist

Tony Hernandez

Licensed Massage & Neuromuscular Therapist MA81238

Tony Hernandez recently moved from Southwestern Illinois to the Palm Harbor area with wife Priscilla and their two dogs. Previously owner and operated Inner Peace Massage Therapy Center with Priscilla in Missouri and Illinois.

Tony has extensive training in Myofascial release and trigger point therapy along with regular and deep tissue massage. He is available 6 days a week. Just call for an appointment. If you prefer a female, Claudia is one of the best therapists in the area. She is available with a little bit more notice.

Sevdije Lika

Yoga,Pilates Aerial and

Belly Dance Instructor


Sevdije has been seriously practicing the beautiful art form of Belly dance since 1994 and grew up being entertained by bellydancers at family weddings. She now is excited to be teaching here at Wendy Fit. 


Also certified in Pilates Equipment, Mat, and Yoga. Her clients have seen positive results in their transformations through consistent work, whether it is a slight case of scoliosis, menopause, poor posture, breathing better, seeking more strength, tone, and flexibility or simply just keeping up with an old injury and thinking "Prehab" instead of "Rehab" in order to stay strong safely as she has had an athletic lifestyle with her own injuries. 


For more information on Sevdije you may visit her website to see testimonials, video's, and performances:



Barb Owens

Pilates Personal Trainer

Barb Owens, M.S., graduated from George Williams College with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology with a specialization in Preventative and Rehabilitative Cardiovascular Health.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois from the College of Applied Health Studies, with a minor in Physical Education.  Barb is a STOTT PILATES CERTIFIED  ® Instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels.  Barb has completed many STOTT PILATES ® Continuing Education courses including Injuries and Special Populations, Reformer for the Older Adult, The Shoulder Girdle:  Stability and Function, Programming for Scoliosis  and Osteoporosis Management, Jumpboard Interval Training, and Foam Roller Challenge.

Barb has over twenty years of experience in the health and fitness industry, having worked as an exercise physiologist in wellness settings as well as in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.  Barb is passionate about Pilates and prides herself in offering her clients a safe, effective, and encouraging workout.


Barb's own passion for Pilates began ten years ago.  After years of running, and being very active in a variety of sports, Barb could no longer compete in the sports she loved due to over-use injuries.  Barb was introduced to Pilates, and quickly began to feel her body change.  She felt stronger from the inside out.  She became aware of muscular imbalances and postural faults.  Through her Pilates practice, her body began to change.  These amazing results led her on the path to learn more, and she began her Pilates instructor training in 2007.  Barb firmly believes that exercising and improvement of one's physical condition can be done at any age and fitness level.

Yvette Robles

Yoga Instructor

Yvette decided to explore yoga at home through DVD’s in 2004, after years of living with the pain of bulging discs in the low back, rheumatoid, fibromyalgia & arthritis. She found some relief & although it was challenging she knew she needed to try a live class. In 2007 she went to her first live class, the benefits were greater than what she experienced at home.

Yulia Shevchenko

Aerial & Yoga Instructor

Yulia received her initial dance training in her native Ukraine, and has performed and taught with a number of dance companies including "Style," which is well known for its innovative choreography and cutting edge approach. It also has won high awards in many prestigious competitions and has been featured on television.She moved to the United States in 1996 and continued dancing, teaching, and choreographing. One of the works she choreographed was presented at the Dynamite competition, and was selected for a showcase at Disney World in Orlando.

In 2000 Yulia met Elena Martinson and Andrei Ustinov, former stars of the Kirov Theater and of the Moscow Mali Theater and began teaching at their "Ustinov and Martinson School of Classical Ballet" in St. Petersburg, Florida. She also performed and choreographed for the "The Chamber Ballet Company", which was associated with the school.


Yulia's passion lies in combining traditional styles of movement, be it jazz, ballet, martial arts, or yoga in new ways, and merging them to create new exciting styles that turn regular exercise sessions into an exploration of the body, movement, and music.

Katharine Kunz

Pilates Teacher

A native of Virginia, Katharine began her movement studies while a dance student at the Loudoun School of Ballet under the direction of Shelia Hoffmann-Robertson.  She performed with the Loudoun Ballet Company and continued her studies at the Joffrey Ballet, Orlando Ballet, and BalletMet Columbus.  Katharine holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Towson University.  She went on to perform professionally with ballet and contemporary companies in Baltimore as well as New York City.   She recently relocated to the Tampa area to dance with the Tampa Ballet Theatre.



During her time at Towson, she discovered the wonderful benefits that Pilates offers including, but not limited to, core strength and creating length in the body.  After suffering from an injury, she was inspired to further her Pilates studies and teach.  She received her mat certification from Power Pilates in 2009.  Katharine looks forward to sharing her love for Pilates with the Wendy Fit community!  

Michelle Morgan
Aerial and Yoga  Instructor 

Michele Morgan 200hr RYT and Aerial Yoga certified with a passion for bringing balance into life. I began seriously studying yoga in
2009 when my busy schedule had consumed so much of my time that I realized I woke up each morning and hit the autopilot button. 
By day I head a K-8 school for the arts and technology, focusing on having a positive impact on students, teachers, and families. I strongly believe we create the environment in which we want to engage. Meaning, if you long for a positive work environment, home environment, life . . .you create it along with those around you. It takes balance, connection, and commitment.

What I love about yoga is it helps cultivate that environment of balance, connection, and commitment. My classes are paced to meet the needs of each person, as we are all on our own paths. I enjoy teaching everything from traditional hatha yoga skills to vinyasa flow to aerial yoga - always keeping it engaging and fun!

Laura Lauraitye
Yoga & Budokon Instructor

Laura’s passion for movement and proper nutrition launched her into the art of yoga in 2015. Laura is currently Certified as a Yoga Teacher (CYT-200). Over the past few years, she has advanced her knowledge and broadened her offerings by becoming Certified as a Budokon Yoga and Budokon Mobility Teacher. In addition, she holds her Certification in Thai Yoga/Bodywork--a beautiful healing art emphasizing the gift of giving and receiving.  

Well versed in various methods of Yoga, as well as Meditation and Thai Yoga/Bodywork, Laura seeks to merge traditional practices with the most cutting edge trends. Her mission and living goal is to empower others towards self-discovery through recognition and care for the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies as integrated parts of a whole. Developing a unique and innovative experience for her students is of great importance. Laura’s devotion to plant-based nutrition and clean and green eating inspires her to also offer her culinary creations through nutritional guidance to those seeking to experience the taste of wellness. 


 In summary, Laura is on a path toward continual discovery through actualizing and transforming the pure nature of well-being. As a true healthy-lifestyle enthusiast, Laura incorporates holistic approaches for healing and individual growth.