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Therapeutic Massage

This is the most popular type of massage offered by therapists. This type of massage involves a variety of intensive massage techniques as kneading, tapping and stroking. Men and Women of all ages and physical conditions seek out the benefits of Therapeutic massage.

People rely on massage therapy to support good health and to manage a variety of health conditions. Because of the specific techniques it involves, the movements and firm pressure involved affect all systems in the body, including soft tissue such as muscles and ligaments and also nerves and even glands. You become more aware of the muscles of your body as they are massaged, and this helps clear the mind of anxiety and dissipate depression.


Myofacial release is a mild form of stretching and balance that has a profound effect on the body's tissues at a deep level. Because our entries is interconnected, when the fascia becomes compromised following any injury (such as surgery, birth, trauma, fall, whiplash, disease, inflammation, etc) some patients have bizarre symptoms like burning, tingling, pulling, cramping, poor posture, difficulty, breathing, and cranial symptoms.

Treatments involving restoring equilibrium allows your self-correcting mechanisms to come into play and alleviate symptoms. MFR combining into a healing catalyst that yields clinically reproducible results.


"Massage Isn't Just A Luxury, It's A Health Necessity"


Preparing for your massage

Due to the allergy season, please refrain from wearing lotions, cologne, or perfumes prior to your massage session

3-50 min Massage - $180 (Best Deal)
90min Therapeutic Massage - $85
15 min. Targeted Bodywork - $25
15 min package of 3 Targeted Bodywork - $60
Tony Hernandez
Claudia Kapelowitz

Welcome!  My name is Claudia,a licensed Massage Therapist. I am honored to be offering massage of relaxation, deep tissue ,trigger point therapy, reflexology and energy bodywork in a integrated artistic style. Responding to the clients needs. I will enjoy working with you!

(Targeted Bodywork)

The theory behind neuromuscular massage is that when a muscle spasms due to one of any number of stimuli it is not caused by spasm in the entire muscle, but by a spasm in a very centralized area of the muscle, which may then reverberate to other areas of the muscle, causing pain. This small area is called a trigger point because it is an area that "triggers" pain in another area of the muscle, sometimes called referring and transferring. The problem is that this can turn into a viscous cycle of soreness and pain because buildup of lactic acid combined with the body's desire to compensate for the pain will inevitable lead to less blood flow, less oxygen and continued production of lactic acid. This is why muscle soreness and pain can continue for years unabated. A neuromuscular therapist can locate the trigger points associated with muscle pain, and then alleviate the stress using intense, concentrated pressure on that area.


Deep tissue massage is known to greatly improve the condition of many different body parts. A true deep tissue massage occurs when we applies firm pressure to the client's muscles using his or her hands, fingertips, knuckles, elbows, and even forearms, stimulating muscle and bony tissues beyond the exterior level. A professional athlete can especially benefit from a deep tissue massage since speedy removal of toxins can help speed up the healing process for distressed muscles. In addition, deep tissue massage can increase the mobility of certain muscles and loosen up tight muscles.

If you are someone who suffers from chronic discomfort such as arthritis, muscle inflammation, or even back back, a deep tissue massage can help alleviate some pain, For some people deep tissue massage has proven to be more effective and useful than daily prescriptions or other medications. The firm pressure eases the pain and alleviates tension, loosening tightness and buildups of painful acid that accumulates with repeated stress of the muscle. When done regularly, is similar to physical therapy and can be a great alternative for someone who is not interested in prescription drug use.