Personal Training

You can not control what is happening with the Economy but you can control your health! When the Economy comes around make sure you are in the best shape of your life so you can enjoy it.

  • Take the first step and Sign up for a free Personal Training assessment     today
  • Your trainer will tailor your workout to your individual goals
  • Try out the Pilates equipment
  • Reshape your body
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Functional Training for every day needs
  • Increase your strength
  • Weight Management counseling
  • Core Strength Training for a stronger back and flatter front
  • Increase your flexibility and range of motion
  • Watch your aches and pains, disappear!
  • Save money by training with other clients.  Ask about our small group personal training sessions.

See what Personal Yoga,Pilates or a Good Hard Core Training can do for you! 

With Personal Fitness Training your sessions will include a program designed specifically for your individual needs in order to achieve your personal health goals. You will receive a fitness assessment that includes your Body Composition, Health & Nutritional Guidance, Body Fat Analysis and Weight Management goals. Pilates Personal Training is a sequence of postures that builds strength, unwinds tight joints and loosens muscles. You will increase your core strength (Back and Abdominals) while balancing the body, purifying the nervous system and developing concentration and mindfulness. Once you have trained on the Pilates Reformer, the Trapeze, the Barrel or the Wunda Chair and you will never go back to the traditional exercise again!