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Power Yoga

Yoga, a Healthy Mind & Body - Power Yoga Series This DVD and VHS has three 20 minute shows from the Brighthouse show Yoga for the Healthy Mind & Body. It is recommended for someone that has so injuries and been doing yoga for awhile in a class room with a qualified instructor.

Yoga Basics

​Yoga, a Healthy Mind & Body's Yoga Basics is 30 minutes in length. If you follow this video on a regular basis, you will gain confidence that yoga is not just for flexible people, while increasing your strength, flexibility and balance.


Yogalotes has three 20 minute shows. Yoga for Athletes incorporates resistant bands for flexible strength training needed for active people to prevent injury. Yogalotes is a combination of yoga poses and ab work for the ultimate workout. The third session is Partner Yogalotes. When using a partner for resistant work, you get so much more out of your training. These sessions are suitable for all levels.

Yoga for Hips

Yoga A Healthy Mind & Body with Wendy features Yoga For Hips. This is a 30 minute workout using the ball, flex band and foam roller to assist in loosening up tight hips and prevent pain.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss is designed for all levels of fitness. Just like any class you begin, you must go slowly and work at your comfortable pace until you get more comfortable with the flow of postures that bring up the heart rate, simulate the thyroid which promotes weight loss.​​

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There are over 30 video's available for purchase on the website or just stop by Wendy Fit to pick them up. If you have any questions about any of the video's please feel free to call us. The shows range from Beginners all the way to advanced students. Wendy has created video's for Rehabilitating your Knees, Hips and Spine using the Foam Roller, stretch bands and balls. Yoga for Neck shoulders and Back pain. Yoga for Athletes, Runners, Inflexible and even Arthritis. They are easy to follow and great to take with you on the road when you can not get to your yoga class or feel you are not ready yet to go into a group class.

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