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 I injured my knee and hip and started with Wendy Fit about 3 weeks in and I'm doing so much better. Healing classes, meditation classes, warm yoga flows and great teaching has made my practice soooo healing! Thank you so much Wendy Fit. Please practice your yoga here

By: Kim Goodwin 

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"As the survivor of a severe car accident from 1983, I have found a renewed motivation from my own Yoga Practice. For the last 23 years I have spent my time trying to regain a reasonably good lifestyle. I've now found that life over the last six years with Wendy's Yoga/Pilates. For many years my balance wasn't good and I had problems focusing. I tried Adult Education, and then some Classes at SPJC, but found that I was often to much of a distraction for the other students. Plus I required more of the Teacher's time, one on one. Now Through my Yoga Practice I've gained Self-esteem, Functional Strength, improved Balance, and deepened my sense of self, as well as having taken my Faith in God to a higher level. Thanks Wendy!!!

- Danny R.

Highly recommend Wendy and her team. Have been working w/ Wendy for about 6 months and think she is great. She never fails to add variations to our sessions to keep me on my toes. This is very important to me. Her facilities are great. Her team is also well versed in all forms of communications which makes life easier for me.


"I want to thank you very much for the great yoga class. I greatly appreciate that you made the class a challenge for us and offered some new poses for us to learn. My daily life experience is significantly enriched by what you have given me through the yoga experience. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not enjoy the many hours of riding my bicycle, spinning classes, or just long walks without the strength, flexibility, and tranquility that I have obtained from your classes. You have a great way of challenging us to try our best without pressuring anyone to compete with each other. I guess that is what makes it so easy to have a lot of friends in the class."
- Chuck Lynde

 I started attending Wendy Fit Yoga and Pilates about six months ago and it has been one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. I feel energized and have gained strength, confidence, and peace of mind. Before attending Yoga and Pilates, I felt constantly tired and my body felt like it was made out of glass ready to break at any moment. Now I feel so flexible, stronger, and full of energy. Unlike working out at the Gym where I always dread going, I always look forward to Yoga and Pilates knowing that my body will be more challanged at Yoga than at the Gym. Wendy and her entire staff are the best people to work with. They are so friendly and provide expert advice on my yoga and pilates practice and life in general. Wendy Fit Yoga has definitley changed the way I feel now and in the future.

-Eric Johnston

I have known and worked with Wendy for 30 years! She is the best of the best, hands down. You will not be disappointed with Wendy and any of her classes, one-on-one training or her events. Wendy thrives on learning new disciplines and welcomes new talent and presenters to do workshops in her studio. It doesn't get any better than Wendy Fit Yoga for the right workout. She is fantastic and she reminded me that taking different instructors is a great way to challenge your body. Thank you 

- Kimberly S.